Let Your Employees Focus On Your Business!

The most Successful Businesses in the world know how to do one thing better than everyone else. 

Protecting your the data on your network is important.

Getting a Detailed Plan and knowing where your network weak points are helps you spend time on what matters. 

Are There Risks On Your Network?






Files At Risk


Potential Exploits

Do You Know?

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It's 10 am, you're having an office meeting.

You just shared your client list (with the world).

How do you find out?

More than 40% of businesses have sensitive files exposed to everyone. All it takes is one person (internal or external) with devious intent and your data is being sold on the Dark Web.

Systems with missing patches are vulnerable and can allow access to your network. Hackers can take their time to watch your systems for data to steal.

The cyber threat matrix is changing and you need to prepare and protect your business. There is a laundry list of potential threats that you need to be on top of and knowing where to look is a huge advantage.

We provide a no-obligation security health assessment
For computer network and business technology

  • Get a "Report Card" showing your Security Position ​
  • Security Risk Analysis to identify violations and security issues
  • Security Audit showing anomalous and failed logins ​
  • Verify Outbound Firewall Configuration to reduce worms and ransomware ​
  • Find lack of Egress Filtering (blocking outbound traffic) ​
  • Data Breach Liability report by scanning for personal data ​
  • Ensure sensitive data is locked down.

Knowledge is Power
If You Know You Can Respond

  • Know all Servers, Workstations, Printers, and non-AD devices (like switches/routers/printers)
  • Confirm old computers which are still joined to the domain and have not been removed
  • Find systems with missing Patches/Service Packs/Security Updates
  • Reveal local system accounts with weak or insecure passwords
  • Systems with missing Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, or improperly configured firewalls
  • Track down security policy inconsistency across network servers/computers
  • Outbound system access that should be blocked
  • Lack of Content filtering (Social Media, Entertainment, Pornography, Illegal Downloads)
  • Improperly configured user access to Network Shares
  • Detailed breakdown of AD Security Group Membership
  • Old user accounts which still have access and have not been properly disabled
  • Internal systems with open ports that pose a potential security risk
  • External issues which put your network at risk of business disruption or data loss
Automating Network Security
was the best decision ever!
Put me at ease with my network!
Now I'm more confident with our audit process.
Steve W.
Network Support, Portland
Network Security Scanning
Saves me time and lets me
focus on other issues.
Mohsin T.
Director of Networking, Florida